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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire York

Our coaches come in various sizes. Some have a smaller capacity, and others are big carrying a huge number of people all in one go. Our aim is to be able to offer transport solutions to all group sizes, and that's why we have acquired many different size coaches. Whether your group is small, medium sized or enormous, we will take care of your transport needs.

York Coach Hire

Do you need to have the best comfort when travelling? Sure. Who wouldn't like that? All Coach, Hire York coaches, have been fitted with easy to recline soft leather seats. That means when you travel in our coaches, you will be comfortable and you can sit at any size by reclining the seat.

Is it entertainment you are looking for in a coach? All Coach, Hire York coaches, have the best entertainment units with CDs, DVDs, PA and audio systems. When on board any of the coaches we offer, you can listen to any of your favourite songs, and you can tune into any radio station.

Besides the above mentioned on board facilities, the coaches have weather controls, fridges, huge storage areas and adequate legroom in front of every seat. However, the luxury coaches have some extras like kitchen, tables, and microwaves in the kitchen. Nevertheless, any coach you will travel with will give you an amazing travel experience.

Coaches For All Events

Perhaps you want to hire several coaches for an event, conference travel or anything else. You can hire them with Coach Hire York. We have many coaches and so no matter how large your teams are we have the capacity to handle them. For booking contact us via telephone, email or fax. We do not encourage multiple coaches booking online as we want to help you with your coach hire.

We have a very easy booking process. When you log in to our website, you are only required to fill out a booking form, and from there we will do everything else to see you arrive at your destination safely and comfortably. Otherwise, if you call, email or fax, we will make the booking for you. We are there to help you with anything you want.

Is it a wedding you want to hire coaches for? Let us make this special day stress free by organising coach hires for you. We are the best travel partner in York. We do everything to make sure all your travels are smooth and without hassle.

Coach Hire York is a privately owned company so you can be certain that we have the ability to offer great transport services. We are proud to be associated with Coach Hire York and each day we work hard to see it remain at the top. Our customers are our main priority, and we can go any mile to see you satisfied and happy.

Maintained Vehicles

All our coaches are perfectly maintained by our team of engineers and are serviced regularly. So even if you hire on short notice, you will get a coach in its best conditions. However, we encourage you to be booking early as this will help you plan.

Having a question and you want to ask? Please ask. We are available 24/7 and no matter the time, we will help you hire your coach perfectly.

Minibus Hire with Driver

Our minibuses have the finest of on board car facilities to make your trip the most memorable. These are air conditioners, overhead heating systems, large luggage compartments in case you will want to do shopping, or you are travelling with some cargo, fridges and the best entertainment units. In addition to that, they also have free Wi-Fi access and power sockets. So whenever you are travelling in any of our minibuses, you can connect with friends and family, and no cost and your phone or tablet won't go off.

Best Transport Providers

Coach Hire York is an independently run coach company that endeavours to give the people of York and even those that are not inhabitants of York the best transport solutions. Our aim is to be your everyday and every time travel partner and so that's why we go extra miles that other companies don't. And what are some of the examples?

We go the extra mile of ensuring our staff is the top class. We have a very sophisticated employee recruitment procedure, and after we have hired employees, we train them to make sure they are outstanding. We also do deal with each of their personality so that the can be appealing as we know how certain characters can affect the way our customers are treated. We don't care how much we spend as long as we are doing it to make sure our services are top notch.

Reliable And Clean Minibuses

We also purchase our minibuses from great manufacturers. We don't compromise on quality at your expense. That's why we go for high quality vehicles though they are costly. Also, we have made sure that our in house maintenance team is composed of engineers whose track record of success has been proved. All this is to ensure your travel with us is a moment you will live to remember.

With all that's, it will be good to highlight some of the events we offer minibus hire services for. These are weddings, funeral services, and family outings, ceremonies of all kinds, football travels, business executive travels and company transportations. Even if your type of event is not mentioned, we can rent to you minibuses. So do not get worried if the event you are looking to hire a minibus for is not stated above.

Where would you like to travel to? Is the place within York or outside York? We can handle your transportation needs. Our minibuses carry people to any location within York and even beyond, and they are classic, so if you hire with us you are sure you are going to get excellent services.

Affordable Hire Rates

Our pricing system is not structured meaning we do not have instant price quotes immediately you book. The reason is that we want to be the fairest transportation company in York. So what do we do so that we can attain that? We have acquired a wide range of minibuses that enable us to be affordable in pricing, and we view your details first before quoting the price for each order you make. So do not be surprised if you do not get a price quote immediately after making your reservation.

Are you still determined to hire? Make that booking today and avoid those last minute hassles. They come with a lot of stress, and we do not want you to experience that. We want you to be relaxed and at peace.

Our Services

Our mini coach hire services comprise of many different size mini coaches with the least having a capacity of about 19 individuals. These are ideal if you have a group that cannot be accommodated adequately in a minibus (which is smaller) and in a coach (which is bigger than a mini coach) without leaving empty seats. The vehicles are modern, driven by professional drivers and have been designed to give you a superior travelling experience whether sitting in the front or behind.

Large Travelling Groups Catered For

The minibus hire service comprises of several capacity minibuses which are perfect for a small group like family travels. The smallest can accommodate approximately seven individuals and the largest can carry up you 18 people. When you have a friends outing, wedding (because you would like a procession of course), family outing or any small team travel these are the best vehicles to hire. Talk to us, and we will avail them to you even if you want many we have the capacity to.

Comfortable Vehicles

With that said, we can look at the coach hire service. What does it entail? First, coaches are large size vehicles that are specifically suited for long distance travels. They are different from the regular buses in the public transportation sector in that all the on board facilities they have are designed to give passengers a good time in their travel. These include soft leather seats that can recline to provide the passenger comfort, fridges for a drink during the journey, washrooms and kitchen in some coaches i.e. the luxury ones and huge luggage areas for cargo storage among other facilities.

Therefore when we talk about coaches, you have a clear picture of what they are and how they differ from buses. However, being that coaches are meant for long distance travels does not mean that you cannot hire them for a large group travel to a nearby place. You can hire of course if your team is bigger than the capacity of minibuses and mini coaches.

Luxury Travel

Now, with all that let's see what the coach hire service is composed of. The first thing you know is that the coach hire service comprises of coaches and they are large capacity vehicles. Now, in this service, we have different type coaches. These are the luxury coaches, the standard coaches, and the executive coaches. This is to make sure we accommodate everyone (both those who want to travel in a coach without spending a lot of money, those who want to spend a little more to impress and those who want class).Therefore you can decide on which coach you want to travel in depending on those reasons.

Great coach hire, minibus hire or mini coach hire services are not except a great team (staff who work hard day and night to see you have an enjoyable moment on the road).So as Coach Hire York team, we have made sure that our staff is the best regarding how they interact with customers and the quality of service they offer them. And how do we do that?

Planning By Experienced Staff

We make sure our personnel is super qualified not just average persons. We hire those that besides having good qualifications have the skill to perform well. We do not just look at qualifications because like in today's world, there are so many people with good qualifications but who are not skilled. So whether it's the drivers or the customer care staff members or any other Coach Hire York departments' members, they are all well trained and skilled to give out the best service.

Coach Hire York is an outstanding coach hire company. Some of the reasons that have made us stand out amidst all coach businesses in York are: We are available, and at your service throughout, we can offer you as many coaches, mini coaches or minibuses as you want, even on a short notice we can rent you vehicles and our services are unrivalled. So if you have been asking why you should hire with us, you have an answer. If still you have anything that you want to be made clear or you have a question, you can reach us via call, email or fax and we will respond in the shortest time possible.

Do you want to make your reservations right away? You can use our website where you will fill out a booking form, or you can call, fax or email and we will make the reservations on your behalf. Coach Hire York is a great travel partner.

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